Stanko Sepic

composer, conductor, pianist

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Concert of Symphonic Orchestra RTB with conductor Stanko Šepić

...Curious phenomenon in our music – conductor, pianist and composer. Stanko Šepić does not belong to strident, supercilious, sacrosanct figures from our milieu, which used various ways to obtrude. On the contrary, he is rather unique and gifted in a manner of renaissance musician, who can do all those things and does them equally well...

...Experience, steady hand, proficient gesture and good relation with musicians, undoubtedly are the qualities of conductor who has a lot to offer to his surroundings. And why doesn’t he use them? Always well received by the audience as a composer with romantic soul, as a pianist, performer and author at the same time, he is also a rare global phenomenon...

Musical critique – Branka Radović
December 2005

Before Requiem by Stanko Šepić

Composition of profound sadness

Composer in front of conductor’s desk – “With this composition I wish to make an obeisance to the Youth of this entire ‘former’ country”...

June 1996

“Repenter” was the best

“Dreams” by Ludwig Minkus, “Repenter” by Stanko Šepić and Bizet’s “Carmen” – three ballets performed by Belgrade Ballet ensemble

Ballet premiere at Nathional Theatre

Le jeune orchestre de Belgrade a l’Espace Malraux

Des ovations meritees


Gershwin al „Neboder“

Successo senza pari

Il maestro Šepić animatore sempre consapevole e sicuro

Gennaio 1976.

Amazing Orchestra

Concert of Faculty of Music Symphony Orchestra with conductor Stanko Šepić at the Sava Centre

...we cannot tell how the French described performance of our orchestra, but what we heard that evening (20th March) in the Sava Centre surely deserves the greatest praises, as it presents the artistic amplitude not so often encountered in our concert halls. The Orchestra, while performing, seemed almost as if breathed one breath. Musical expression was, and in particular with the string players, refined and utmost vibrant. Although dynamism is of great extent, building and developing of musical form seems spontaneous and natural, yet with strong grading and dramatic, irresistible strength. For such orchestra performance the greatest tribute goes to the conductor, professor Stanko Šepić, who apparently teaches his students not only technique mastery but experiencing the very essence of the music in the first place and an ability to express it in appropriate manner. Versatile and exceptionally gifted personality (composer, conductor, pianist and pedagogue), Šepić exist in our surrounding as a strange cultural phenomenon – such is Pogorelić and few others – not being able to take root and ‘fertilize’ our ground with his art. While the French regret for being introduced to Stanko Šepić so late, we are confronted with the fact that never had his concert with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra...

...we were fascinated by the performance of L.V. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Such deep plunging into the context, details so refined and that dramatic strength provoked genuine ovations from the audience, granted by three farewell encores.

Musical addres – Kosta Babić

...Inspired, suggestive, emotionally and creatively playful, conductor Stanko Šepić merged numerous performing ensemble into unique sound, breath and idea. It was the sort of creativity when performers’ imagination overwhelms the audience, whose impression returns to the performers, stimulating their additional creativity raise. Faculty of Music Orchestra was exceptionally uniform in sound of both strings and brass and with perfect accuracy...

BEMUS – Dejan Mihailović
October 1994

Triumph of the Young Ones

Faculty of Music Symphony Orchestra, conductor Stanko Šepić, soloist Vesna Stanković, violin

...Šepić, as though he was a magician, gathered a mass of students, turned them into real orchestra performers and achieved exceptional results...

Politika – BEMUS Chronicle – Branka Radović
October 1994

Great success of the Faculty of Music Orchestra at the competition in Belgium

Acknowledgements and praise

...At the European Youth Music Festival which ended on 3rd May in the Belgium municipality of Neerpelt, in the symphony orchestra category, the Faculty of Music Orchestra from Belgrade led by conductor and composer Stanko Šepić won the first prize Cum laude and received golden badge from the Dutch Ministry of Culture...

October 1994.

Concert of young Belgrade symphony musicians in Paris

Students from Belgrade Faculty of Music, members of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, were awarded true ovations at the concert in great UNESCO hall in Paris. Under the conductor’s baton of Stanko Šepić, these young artists managed to impress versed audience with their performance of Mozart, Beethoven and Stevan Hristić...

Politika – D.R.
March 1990

Good start

Instruments and voices in the chambers of lovely sound

...all the intensity of one outstanding, evident musicality, fertilized with years of shaping its external expression through orchestral sound - now borne to piano - creating the music that could be defined as ideal synthesis of wuthering temper and the finest play with the atoms of musical subconsciousness. Šepić has essentially shaken the je fundamentals of conventional understanding of pianism...


Recital of Irina Arsikin


...With an instinct of a natural born conductor and an excellent pianist, Stanko Šepić was superb associate to Irina Arsikin - He perceived structure of the composition well - in particular piano part by Hugo Wolf where emphasis was often not on the solo voice but rather on the richly elaborated piano part – the structure with amply developed motifs, symphonising attribute and character.

Politika Express – Critique – Mihailo Vukdragović
March 1980

Concert of the RTB Choir and Symphony Orchestra closed BEMUS last night

Revelation of a conductor

...last night’s concert was marked by conductor Šepić, who revealed himself to those who did not know him before, and established as a true master of the orchestra. He knows how and is able to pull them into adventure, to make them burn along with him, while he gratuitously, even delightfully performed at his best.

Indeed, the orchestra sounded as if it was reborn...

October 1987

Piano concert premiere at Kolarac last night

Well done Šepić!

It would not be an exaggeration if we claim that ever since “The Legend of Ohrid“ (1947) there was no local musical piece with greater and louder success at its premiere than Stanko Šepić’s piano concerto, which he performed as soloist at Kolarac last night (together with Radio Orchestra led by Vladimir Kranjčević) ...


Premiere of Requiem by Stanko Šepić

Acclamation for significant work

...”Music was written in a modern and rather communicative manner for an old Latin script. Remarkable work“, commented academic Dejan Medaković after the concert. Konstantin Babić, composer: “Music whose author fully governs its style, orchestra and choir. Nice!” Dimitrije Golemović, professor of ethnomusicology at the Faculty of Music: “Once it ended, I was waiting for more”. And several more of similar impressions of Šepić’s Requiem compiled into true acclamation of the audience…

Politika – V.S.
June 1996

Stanko Sepic
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