Stanko Sepic

composer, conductor, pianist

Stanko was born in Rijeka in 1941, where he finished high school and secondary music school (Department for piano). He studied at the Music Academy, later Faculty of Music Belgrade, where he graduated at Department for Conducting and Department for Piano.

Upon completion of the studies, Mr Šepić was elected Associate of Fine Arts at the Music Academy. During the same period, from 1970 till 1975, he also worked in the Opera of National Theatre in Belgrade, mostly conducting ballets. With Belgrade Ballet ensemble he visited Barcelona in 1974.

Stanko was elected Lecturer for Conducting in 1975. He spent last 25 years as full time professor of Conducting and Chief Conductor of the large symphony orchestra at the Faculty of Music Belgrade.

Thanks to him Faculty of Music Orchestra grew into reputable performing body permanently present at the local music scene. He has performed number of “style” concerts - Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Rossini, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, etc. The most notable performances were those of Wagner, Frank, Dvorak, Debussy, Rachmaninov, as well as works of contemporary Serbian composers. As an illustration, with the Faculty of Music Orchestra, Prokofiev’s V symphony at the BEMUS festival, two suits from Romeo and Juliet, both concerts for violin and two concerts for piano have been conducted. VIDEO-WAGNER VIDEO-TCHAIKOVSKY VIDEO-BEETHOVEN VIDEO-RACHMANINOFF VIDEO-PROKOFIEV1 VIDEO-PROKOFIEV2 VIDEO-PROKOFIEV3

Mr Šepić completed very successful and notable concert tour with the Faculty of Music Orchestra with 25 performances in France and first place Cum Laude at the Festival of youth symphony orchestras in Belgium. Among his last concert visits with this orchestra were performances in BiH, Croatia and Slovenia in 2007.

As a conductor, Stanko Šepić performed with the majority leading orchestras in the republics of former Yugoslavia. In Belgrade, Rijeka, Maribor and Banja Luka, he had his piano concerts without conductor. Apart from the region, he also performed in other European countries such as Spain, Belgium and Greece. He conducted at the reputable festivals such as BEMUS, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Ohrid Summer Festival.

In Belgrade, he conducted Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera, Army Symphony Orchestra, but most frequently he conducted the ensembles of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), the national broadcasting service. Apart from public performances, Mr Šepić with Symphony Orchestra and RTS choir realised a lot of ’lasting’ recordings for the phono archives of Radio Belgrade. These were mainly works of contemporary Serbian composers with many great interpretations such as those of Dušan Radić (cantata “Vučja so“ at BEMUS festival; Double concert for oboe, choir and orchestra; Concert for two pianos and strings), Hristić, Konjović, Milojević, Vasilije Mokranjac, Enriko, Ozgijan, Mihajlović, Erić, Kambasković, Božić, Perić, Marković and many others.

Through his composing work, Stanko completes his persona of an artist. Almost all his compositions have been publicly performed at prominent concerts and festivals and those live performances were recorded. The most exceptional were major orchestra pieces such as “Requiem“, “Stabat Mater“ - performed at the BEMUS closing - and three symphonies, also concert for piano and symphony orchestra and many more. Two of his solo songs (one to Crnjanski’s lyrics and the other to his own) have been awarded the first and the only prize at the Competition of solo poems at Novi Bečej. Several of Stanko’s musical works have been performed in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia.

He is often found in three roles at the concert podium, wherefore Stanko Šepić remains the only artist at BEMUS who has been represented as composer, conductor and pianist.

Stanko Sepic
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